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24 Front Street, suite 203
PO Box 100

Exeter, NH 03833


We can manage your property as you would yourself, if you chose to spend your time on
property management.   “Comprehensive and Integrated” means that we can cover everything in
an efficient and cost effective fashion.

You can confidently limit your involvement to reviewing periodic reports. Alternatively, you
always control the extent of your involvement. Also, at your option, we will work closely with
your existing accountants, attorneys, real estate people, and so on in order to maximize the value
of your property. You can trust TRUST Property Management to do things the way you want
them done.

We do not provide traditional professional services such as tax preparation, legal services, or
other services typically offered by licensed professionals.

Initially we confer with you to determine in detail (a) what your goals and objectives are; (b)
how much direct involvement you prefer; (c) exactly what services we will provide; (d) which of
your current relationships you want to maintain; and (d) the terms of our relationship (duration
and compensation).  

Our comprehensive and integrated property management services include:
     a. tenant management (revenue generation and maintenance)
     b. expense management (capital and operating expenditures)
     c. facilities management (physical care of client property)
     c. financial management (planning and projections, books, records, financial statements)
    d. relationship management (i.e., local, state and federal authorities)